Mohdi’s Hypocrisy

Banaras: (May 10, 2014) Bharti Janta Party (BJP) chairperson Narinder Mohdi fell down in front of Muslim politician in order to increase his vote bank from Muslim side. Narinder Mohdi is much against of the Muslims and Pakistan that why in the previous day his website was hacked by the Pakistani hackers due to Anti Pakistani data on his website. Narinder Mohdi face defeat in the last election due to the Muslim vote bank.Now Narinder Mohdi is showing hypocrisy and trying to fetch Muslim vote bank.

Narindra Mohdi

When Narinder Mohdi reached in Banaras he fell dawn in front of Muslim politician named “Mujahid Azad Nizamuddin” so that people think that Narinder Mohdi is well wisher for the Muslims.such kinds of acts will not let the Narinder Mohdi to get the Muslim vote bank because every Muslim knows that Narinder Mohdi is hypocrite.



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