New traffic laws in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia had issued new traffic laws in country; people who break red light will be punished strictly. The spokesperson of Al-Qasim Police, Colonel Fahd Al-Abdan told the media that this law will be implemented from the 24th May, 2014 with the order of approval by Interior Minister.

“According to the new traffic law a person who break red light will be sent directly to jail,” said Col. Fahd. However this penalty will be occurred when due to violation a person will die or severe injury occur which takes 15 days for recovery.

Women’s are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

traffic laws

The offense of driving drunk and violating the one way traffic rule will be sent to directly jail.

Interior minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef has approved the recent new traffic signal law which has been implemented since Saturday.



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