Polio Vaccination Certificate declared compulsory for Pakistanis

Islamabad: Pakistanis have been restricted to submit polio vaccination certificate while travelling to other countries. It will be compulsory for every Pakistanis and would be implemented from 1st June, 2014.

pakistan polio vaccination

World Health Organisation (WHO) has imposed restriction on every Pakistani to submit polio clearance certificate while they are travelling to foreign countries and this would be implemented all over  the country’s airports from 1st June, 2014.

According to media reports, Ministry of Health announced to placing special doctors team on immigration counters of all airports in the country. That counters would be opened for 24 hours.

It is further announced that issuance of polio certificate will be administered from government hospitals and vaccination centres.

On the other side WHO revealed that polio virus is present in sewers located in Bandar road and Saman Abad areas of the Punjab capital Lahore.



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