Possibility of banning social media applications in Karachi

A high level decision has been taken to ban all illegal sims in Karachi. It has also been decided to ban all social media applications. This decision has been taken to improve the law and order in the biggest city of Pakistan.


Once again this issue was raised by Sindh Government in meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. On which PM said to Federal Home minister to contact with these corresponding departments and solve this problem.

Sindh government said that terrorists used social media applications like skype, tango, wiber etc. to transfer pictures and videos from one place to other. Prime Minister directed to Home Minister to close illegal Sims immediately and also resolve issue of social media applications. Now there is a possibility of banning social media applications in Karachi.

After two month of target operation Sindh Government submitted a report. In this report it was demanded to impose a ban on skype, tango, wiber etc. but this request was rejected. Now once again Sindh government demanded which was again rejected.



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