Shoaib Akhter has started search for bride in India

Mumbai: (May 1, 2014) Fast bowler Shoaib Akhter has started search for his life partner in India. He said that nobody knows that where his life partner is. He also said that I receive offer from Bollywood to work in the films but I am confused that either I can work in movies or not.

Shoaib Akhter

According to reports Shoaib Akhter is now 38 year old and he is searching for his life partner. When he asked about the selection of life partner from India he said “why not”. He said that you do not know that where your life partner is but with continuous searching you can found it.

Bollywood offered to Shoaib Akhter to work in films in 2007 but he rejected the offer due to keen interest in cricket and not having the time. However now a day’s Shoaib Akhter is showing his interest in Bollwood films or anchoring in the T.V program of India. He said that I have experience in anchoring and if there is such type of offer for me in India then I will defiantly avail this.



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