Sialkot ball Industry ready to fulfil World Cup Dream

Pakistani football factory owner Khawaja Akhtar said, he felt the roar of crowd in 2006 World Cup in Germany. Now my dream is to manufacture the ball for the biggest football tournament.Sialkot Footballs

People were shouting all around me, this is the real thing, “I was the part of crowd, i had never that kind of feeling before this tournament”.

My factory in Sialkot had made footballs for French league, Champions league, German Bundesliga, but never had World Cup contract.

It’s a time to fulfil your dream, Last year he finally got chance but just in 33 days to make it happen.

His oldest son said, you have Stone Age equipment on which his father called a meeting and said, this is our only chance, we will never get another chance again.

Almost it takes six months to complete company set up, but Adidas was in hurry, we had only 33 days. So, Khawaja must complete their contract for future growth.

It is remembered that thermals bonded balls, using glue that reacts with heat are the strict World Cup standards.



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