Veena Malik leaves Pakistan

Veena Malik revoked press conference when she listen that a case has been submitted against her, on blasphemy of Ahle Bayt in Geo programme “Utho Jago Pakistan”.

Court gave ordered to submit a case against Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak on blasphemy of Ahle Bayt. After listening news, this couple is ready to left Pakistan at any time.

Note: Shaista Lodhi also traveled to Qatar wearing Burqa.

veena malik

Veena call a press conference in Lahore to gave justification about controversial Geo programme. However, she revoked press conference after listening this news.

Veena also revoked her all parties and she did not ready to talk on this issue. Along with her husband she is ready to going Dubai at any time.

Sources said that “Utho Jago Pakistan” host Dr. Shaista already reached Dubai. Dr. Shaista Lodhi has also apologised on blasphemy of Ahle Bayt.




  1. jamil says:

    Blashmey accused have no options…..I think the persons concerned ran away to save their skin.
    As foe Shaista , she left some ‘pics’ on internet for her fans

  2. syed kafait.naqvi says:

    Kanjeri ko janey mat do

  3. Ata Ur Rehman says:

    The absconders should be spprehendedtthrough interpole.

  4. Ali Raza says:

    salam to my all lovely friend

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