Veena Malik will donate Kidney to Abdus Sattar Edhi

Karachi: (May 15, 2014) actress veena malik gave offer to Edhi to donate her kidney, due to his social human welfare help. Veena malik with her husband “Asad Khatak” visit the Edhi centre and inquire about the health of Abdul staar edhi and pray for him, on this veena Malik said, abdu sattar edhi is our national hero, and she has a keen desire to meet him, which today fulfill.

veena malik with edhi

Veena Malik said she wants to work for woman, health and education in Pakistan and she is in contact with world human rights. Keep in mind veena Malik came in Pakistan few days ago after the era of four years, last day she also visit the shrine of Abdullah shah Ghazi.



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