Cigarette price increase Rs. 10 to 25 per packet

Karachi: There is possibility to increase federal excise duty up to 70% on cigarette as a result of which price per packet of cigarette will increase Rs. 10 to 25.

Cigarette Tax

According to source, Federal Government is considering to apply federal excise duty up to 70% on cigarette in financial budget for 2014-15 on the adjudication of IMF.

It is remember that at present time federal excise duty on cigarette is 50% which is more than tax on any other commodities.

So that Rs. 10 to 25 will increase per packet as result of increase in the federal excise duty during financial budget 2014-15. On other side it is imparting that illegal production and tobacco business may increase due to this tax, which already has increased.



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