Indian actress Monika embraces Islam

Mumbai: 26-years-old Indian actress Monika, queen of Tamil movie industry has embraced Islam, and quit from film industry. Following the footsteps of famous A.R. Rehman and Yuvan Shankar Raja, queen of Tamil film industry Monika has also converted to Islam.

Monika in Hijab

According to India media reports Monika has embraced Islam and she has left film industry. She has also changed her name Monika to M. G. Raheema. She has also released her picture in “Hijab”.

While talking to media, she has revealed that she did not embrace Islam for money or any other benefits rather she was attracted to Islamic laws and Quran. “It’s not my individual decision but my family support me enough to take this step,” said former actress.

Monika said that first two letter of my name are actually related to my father and mother name “M for Marothi Raj and G for Grace”. I’ll inform about my marriage to media according to wishes of my parents.



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  1. Sardar Muhammad says:

    Congratulaions Monika, this is a blessing of God on you.wish you all the best and peice pf mind.

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