Indian Woman prepared special trouser for Indian girls

New Delhi: (June 28, 2014) India is at the top of the list of those countries where rape cases are increasing day by day and government has no control over it. This situation threatens the women living in India and their parents are very concerned about her daughter when she goes outside from the house.

trouser for Indian girls

Keeping in view this situation an Indian woman prepared a trouser for Indian girls which protect them from the rape. The feature of this trouser is that it has electronic device which is stitched with the trouser. When you press this device, nearer police station will receive emergency signals from where the police can detect the place and distance of affected person. And if police reached on time after receiving signals then the girls can be protected from the rape cases.

This trouser is prepared by the 21 year old Daksha and 23 year old Sala Anglie who are living in the Warnasi city. They said that our parents was very threatened when we leave the home to go outside for work due to increasing rape cases which urged us to prepare this trouser.

The trial is started in 20 police stations of this station and if it proves good then it will be disseminated to other police stations as well.



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