Saudi Princesses seek justice against cruelty of King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia: (June 4, 2014) As you know that Saudi king are very fond of doing marriages and they do numbers of marriages but the rights of Women should also be fulfilled after the marriage. It is the responsibility of husband to provide food, cloth and shelter to his family. However the world number 5th richest person King Abdullah is unaware from these duties. His two daughters named Sahar and Jawaher remain in a compound for many days without any food and water supply. They were also depriving from electricity. Only internet was the source through which they can connect with the world.

Saudi Princess

While talking to the media Princess Sahar said “It’s a horrible situation, it’s a forced famine basically. They are confining us, depriving us of food and water, freedom and rights. We are struggling, we are surviving, we are resisting, and we are trying our best to stay alive.”

She also said that we cannot live like this that’s why we speak out in front of world. Their mother leaves Saudi Arabia and went London after divorcing King Abdullah where she appeals for help to Barak Obama.



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  1. Hira Rana says:

    uff yeh non-muslims to mulims ko badnam karnye ka kon konsa tareeqa apanaty lety hia uff bijali nahi or net chal raha hai pani or nahi or kutto ko rakha hoa hai or wo b zida or itna khubasurat appartment 😛
    or mazey ki baat to yeh hai saudi princess ho kar dressing to kate medelton jesy hai no veil to cover dere body
    or in ky face features to European hai :p

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