AIDS could be ended by 2030

Geneva: (July 21, 2014) United Nations (UN) gave a hope in the light of research that AIDS could be ended by 2030. According to the survey a decrease in the patients of AIDS is seen. In 2013 the death toll from AIDS was 1.5 million as compared to the 1.7 million in the previous years.

AIDS could be ended by 2030

According to a report which is released before the “20th International AIDS Conference in Australia” which will held on July 20-25 in which it is said that sharp decline in the HIV infection is seen especially in the African countries which is the main source of AIDS. This report provides the hope that if proper awareness and diagnosis of AIDS is on times then we will come up with the problem by 2030.

The rate of new infection of AIDS falls 38% than previous years. Again Africa is the top area where 1.5 million new infections have been reported in total 2.1 million overall. According to the UNAIDS department if we control 15 countries which are prune to 3/4th new infection of AIDS then the chances to get rid from AIDS are brighter.

In 15 countries nine African countries Cameroon, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe are included while rest of them Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, and the United States are also big threats of AIDS.

The main problem is that about 19 million people in the world are HIV positive and they are unaware from this due unavailability of proper detection system of AIDS.



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