Easy way to remain Young: Medical Research

Swatch: (July 14, 2014) Medical researchers said that you can expand your young life by just leaving smoking habit in your life and adopt healthy activities in your life. According to a research zurich university scientist first time did a deep study on the human habits and behavior and released a report.

enhance your life

In the report it is said that in Industrial countries the percentage of heart related diseases, tuberculosis, cancer and breathing diseases are increasing. The relation of these diseases is with the personal habit of human like to smoke cigarette, involved in unhealthy activities and not doing exercise daily. Eva Marten Dies “Member of research team” said that if you adopt healthy activities in your life then this will help you by increasing you young life duration up to 10 years.

The population size which was taken to estimate and conclude the results in this research was 16721 whose age was 16 to 90 years.



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