First Environmental Friendly Mosque in Dubai

Dubai: (July 23, 2014) In international tourism and trading center of U.A.E the foundation of first environmental friendly mosque is laid dawn, which will be the first environmental friendly mosque of the Islamic world.


This mosque will be constructed in collaboration with Auqaf Foundation and American Green Building Foundation and it will cover 45 thousand square foot area. The mosque will be equipped with solar system for the production of energy and whole system will be automatic.

This mosque will have capacity of 3500 persons which will perform prayer in the mosque at a time. Special batteries are fitted with thumbs of the mosque which will be charged with soar energy.

The main feature of this mosque is that water will be used according to need automatically. A fix quantity of water will be given to the person for using in ablution or for bathroom. Used water of ablution will be recycled by passing through filters. In this way the water wastage will be minimized.



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