Pakistani husband in London hired drug addict killer to kill his wife

LONDON: Pakistani born London citizen Muhammad Ali hired drug addict killer Frederick Best to kill his wife Amina Bibi. Ali paid just £1000 (about Pakistani Rs. 1, 68, 000) to killer. Amina mother of two sons was stabbed more than 70 times. Amina Bibi and his 65-year-old husband and their two children were resident of east London, Forest Gate.

Amina Bibi

According to police investigation, Ali was having an affair with his wife’s sister in Pakistan and was heavily in debt. In court, Ali denied the allegations of an affair.

Amina Bibi had significant savings in the house and officers believe the debt and affair could have been a motive for Ali to have his wife murdered. Ali did the school run to give himself an alibi but had already given a key to the flat to Best.

But the killer was disturbed by the 11-year-old after the stabbing and fled. 3-year-old Miss Amina Bibi was stabbed more than 70 times and pronounced dead at the scene.

But police identified Ali on CCTV speaking with another man outside the flat prior to the murder taking place.



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