Yuvan: I accepted Islam because of my Mother

Yuvan Shankar Raja accepted Islam. He is 34 years old and India’s youngest composer. He has worked in Tamil movies also. Read his full interview giving reasons of accepting Islam 9just excerpt is given here).

Yuvan Shankar Raja

AR Rahman used to play keyboard for the Yuvan’s dad. Yuvan had also sung for AR Rahman. The family is of musicians. The father of Yuvan is very much music loving guy.

Yuvan was married at the age of 25 but due to some circumstances, his marriage could not last long. He then married to another woman at the age of 30 and that marriage is also at the verge of divorce.

The acceptance of Islam is a big issue. Yuvan thinks his family as superstitious and very ritualistic. Yuvan always thought that there is some one who is behind everything that is running in this world.

The story begin as follows:

her mother was seriously ill and had cough problems. He along with her sister rushed her to the hospital. Yuvan was sitting near to her bed holding his mothers hand. While in a few seconds her mother died and he was left alone thinking how it is possible that a person alive few seconds ago could be dead in that short span of time.

He started practicing Islam in 2012. A “musalla” was given to him by his friend who brought it from Makkah.

The last statement of his mother was ‘Yuvan, you are alone. I want you to stand here under the tree called Islam.” Yuvan is living a quite peaceful life while practicing Islam. He has also learned Quran.



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