Chinsese President visit to Pakistan Postponed

Now, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang has official announced by replying to a question that the visit has not been cancelled but has been postponed due some political grounds.

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It is now hoped that the visit will be made when the political situation becomes normal and the protesters leave Islamabad. The country has also faced hundred of billions of loss due bad economic condition and loss of trust by foreigners in investments.

Earlier, some Pakistani politicians were saying that there was no visit planned at all. Their claim is now baseless after the statement issued by China.

The statement issued by Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson as given below:

Q: It is reported that the Pakistani side announced that President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan has been postponed. Please confirm that.

A: China and Pakistan have been maintaining communication for some time on President’s Xi Jinping’s state visit to Pakistan in mid September, and have made productive preparation for this visit. In view of the current political situation in Pakistan, the Governments of China and Pakistan have mutually agreed to postponement of the state visit of President Xi Jinping to Pakistan, which was scheduled to take place later this month. New dates for President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan, at an early date, are being finalized through diplomatic channels.

Both countries underline that China and Pakistan are time-tested all-weather friends. Both sides attach high importance to the visit of President Xi Jinping to Pakistan, as early as possible, for promoting mutually beneficial cooperation between the two.



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