Homeless man is living with beautiful women every night

New York: (September 24, 2014) In the developed countries like America nobody can imagine that there is any homeless man but it is the fact that homeless men existed in the developed countries also. Here we give you the example of homeless man “Jou” who lived in the New York and begging whole day on the roads but spent nights with beautiful women daily.

homeless man homeless man

According to the Jou, he always trying to be sophisticated in dressing and look and that’s why he has 4 to 5 high class dresses. He begs on roads during day and earns 150 dollars daily while during night he wears attractive dresses which makes him attractive and elegant. After that he went on road where he found gentle women who bring him to their home and serve him gracefully. He said that he is living for a long time with this life style and is very happy with it. He also helped to the homeless people often.



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