Painful Story of a Pakistani Girl who was Victimized In UK

Asian people are being harassed by the native people. The minority community in UK is suffering from sexual harassment. Rizwana Bashir, a Pakistani origin girl has exposed her real life indicating negative attitude regarding s_xual crimes in Pakistani origin families living in England.

She says that she was ten years old when a neighbor started s_xual assaulting her. When she saw that if she mentions it in her community, she would be blamed for it, she preferred to keep quiet rather than disclosing the fact.


She was being s_xually attacked for eight long years till she got admission to Oxford University on scholarship at 18. It was for the first time that she came out of the agony she had been suffering.

She participated in various social activities and became president of Oxford Union. Afterwards, she did her MBA from Howard University. Rizwana added that her successes gave her confidence and courage. She decided to seek help from court against the person who sexually assaulted her for years.

Her mother was of the opinion that it will be a matter of shame for the family if the matter is disclosed. She advised Rizwana to keep quiet. She, ignoring the advice of her mother, gave the statement to police.

Another victim, mustered courage from her statement and told the police her story. Thus the criminal was sentenced eight years imprisonment. Rizwana says that this culture of silence and shame gives security to the s_xual criminals. The victims are advised to keep quiet.



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