Saudi Beauty blackmailed by couple on internet

Riyadh: (September 24, 2014) In Saudi Arabia a girl posted pictures of her lover on internet for marriage which was used by a couple to blackmail her. According to the religious police of Saudi Arabia a couple is arrested in the blackmail case of Saudi girl.

saudi beauty blackmail

The spokesman of Religious Police “Al Sheikh Muhammad Al Zubaidi” said that couple was arrested in the blackmailing case of Saudi girl who posted the pictures of her lover on internet for marriage. Couple get these pictures from internet and blackmail the girl by insisting to pay 0.2 million Saudi royal. After fulfilling the first requirement they again demanded for 0.25 million Saudi royal on which Saudi beauty filed complaint in the police.

After search police arrested the couple and started investigation about the case. Police also advised to the young generation that doesn’t bother with the issues which are related to their parents and such kinds of picture posting could cause problem for you and your family.



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  1. Saudi Arabia’s Law and Order so strong, they can control every what going on in their society

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