Zilhaj moon not sighted, Eid ul Azha on 6th October 2014

The chairman Ruyat e Hilal Committee has announced that the moon of Zilhaj has not been sighted anywhere in Pakistan so Eid ul Azha will be celebrated on 6th October 2014.

eid ul azha 2014

The committee held its meeting at Karachi where they were unable to get any witness of the moon. The committee was headed by Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman.

Muslims living in the world celebrate Eid ul Azha on 10th of Zilhaj every Islamic year to remember Hazrat Ibrahim and his sacrificial act.

On Eid ul Azha, Muslims will sacrifice goats, cows and camels and will distribute the meat among he needy people. The Eid continues for 3 consecutive days and is celebrated will zeal and zest.

In Pakistan, the probable holidays will be from 6th to 8th October both on federal and provincial level.



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