Applications for 500 SPL shares considered eligible

Saif Power Limited (SPL) offered 12 million shares to general public on 11th and 12th November 2014. The number of applicants for 500 shares are less than the the total number of shares offered.

THK Associates (the registrar) has issued a current statement for the Karachi Stock Exchange states that the public has submitted applications for 9.888 million shares under 500 share category. Thus all applicants for 500 shares will be considered eligible for provision of the said shares.

The number of applications for more than 500 shares are 6,412 which will be then allotted shares on preference basis i.e. applicants for 1,000, then 1,500 and then 2000 shares will be preferred. The final declaration of allotment of shares is to be announced after December 10, 2014.

SPL will be listed under in Electricity category. Share trading will be allowed in last week of December.

SPL shares statement



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