LG Pakistan launches exciting product range

Lahore (December 12, 2014): LG Pakistan held a wonderful product launch event in PC Hotel Lahore today where exciting latest products were placed for the visitors and customers. The event attracted a large number of women. The latest products have been designed for customer convenience, saving electricity and durability for Pakistani customers.


The new LG TV products series included the biggest TV ever launched in Pakistan, the 84″ “Ultra HDTV”. Its video quality is unmatchable and the unbeatable sound has been designed by Harman and Kardon. Besides this product, “LG Smart TV”, that is a combination of TV and ability to surf internet, also got attracted by the visitors. The smart TV is operated by WEB OS and along with a  pre installed web browser.

lg battery tv 2015

The most lauded product in the event was the “LG Battery TV“. It is an LED TV that is slim in design with HD ready video quality and can play back up to 90 minutes during the electricity failure. This product has been specially designed for the cricket lovers who don’t want to miss a single ball of ICC cricket world cup 2015. In case of failure of electricity, a number of free satellite channels can be watched on this LG Battery TV.

LG also launched “Curved Ultra HDTV” and “LG Curved OLEDTV” which are unique in design and video quality. Both of them are smart as well and viewers can surf internet as well.

The cinema lovers prefer to watch 3D movies these days and for them, LG provides a home solution through “Cinema 3D Start TV”. The 3D quality is comparable to any other 3D cinema house.

Buy any of the above described LG products and get guaranteed exciting gifts up to Rs. 40,000. The offer is valid from December 10,2014 till 28th February, 2015. You can more information by calling 0800 15454 (Toll Free Number).

Mosquito Away”, an innovative product, a chemical free mosquito control device that uses inaudible ultrasonic waves to keep mosquitoes away from you. The sound waves do not harm in any way. So, it provides an alternative to the mosquito coils, mats and other pesticides which are strongly harmful to the skin and health especially to the babies.

LG offers a beautiful and “Door in Door Refrigerators” series that have multiple doors. User can place products like juices, water in front doors so that the products places behind hat door are not affected by frequent opening and closing of door. A refrigerator model “Ever Cool” was also shown to the attendants that is capable of providing cooling up to 10 hours in freezer section and up to 4 hours in refrigerator section.

A newly designed cordless vacuum cleaner attracted a number of women. It offers cleaning in small places and corners which are otherwise inaccessible with vacuum cleaners of other brands. A new washing machine, very unique, was introduced which rotates the clothes in six different directions which provides the same effect as washing the clothes by hands.

All the products are designed keeping in view the convenience of user, less electricity consumption, ability provide the same facility in failure of electricity which is the most common issue of the inhabitants of Pakistan. The doors of fridges, washing machines, microwave oven opens and closes in a gradual manner that is very unique idea.

A lucky draw for the women who attended the event in which Faryal Shahzad won LG Battery TV.

LG official launches the model name and details for public.

LB 552 R New LG Batery TV




  1. Saad Altaf says:

    Only such brands will stay in market which have some innovative products and lg is among them.

  2. Fahad Bashir says:

    Can you provide the contact details from Karachi from where we can get the LG BATTERY TV?

    • You can contact at the following locations in Karachi:
      9/F, Block 6
      PECHS Shahra.e.Faisal,
      Near Faran Hotel, Karachi
      Phone 021-34304351

      CRT Television Distributor
      New Allied Electronics Industries
      7th Floor, Lakson Square Building No. 1
      Sarwar Shaheed Road

  3. Mrs. Attique says:

    LG helps me alot in washing clothes. I recommend lg washing machines to my circle.

  4. Nabeela Hussain says:

    I will choose cordless vacuum cleaner bcz of its usage in corners which are usually inaccessible by regular cleaners.

  5. Ghulam Murtaza says:

    I am from a village near Kasur. Is there any lg service shop in kasur ?

  6. Ahmad Raza says:

    Hello. Can we purchase LG products online?

  7. Shazia Sadaf says:

    Simply, i love lg.

  8. Muhammad Laeeq Lodhi says:

    any official facebook link of lg pakistan?

  9. Sajid Anwar says:

    How this LG battery tv can be beneficial for us?

  10. Qabila Munawar says:

    Any shop in Islamabad?

  11. Meemona Shazadi says:

    These products are very good for housewives. I recommend them.

  12. Ubaid says:

    How can i get more info about the price of these products?

  13. abu huraira farooqi says:

    I am in Germany and no chance of failure of electricity but battery tv attracted me in the above explained products. I still think of electricity torturing in Pakistan. If I were in Pakistan during cricket world cup, i would certainly go for it. I am die hard fan of cricket and never want to miss a single boundary by boom boom. Guys, go for it, LG is wonderfully amazing in affordable and durable products..
    Great products LG!

  14. Kashif Kirmani (Karachi) says:

    LG can also come in tabs and smartphones business as well. There is huge potential in Pak market. I personally came to know they have some business in cell phones but they should advertise them on tv, newspapers and radio.

  15. Sadia Saleem says:

    As a housewife, i prefer to buy products by LG whenever i have to buy for my home or have to give someone as a gift, especially on the weddings. LG has been able to design amazing products and i love door in door fridge the most.

  16. Sami Ullah says:

    Amazing…..new products.

  17. Shazaib Dhillon says:

    wao……cricket lovers k liay tuhfa….i wish some one send me lg battery tv as gift…….otherwise i will have to purchase it by end of january…..

  18. Abrar Hussain says:

    I will buy lg 3d tv soon. cinema ka maza ghr main. waaaaaaaaaah.

  19. Ayesha Nizami says:

    i ve been using only lg products at my home for more than 8 years it is the best ever brand. i ve. whenever u go to buy electronic products for your family, do pay a visit to lg display center. These products are to buy for every one.
    Reliable + efficient + innovative = LG

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