NTS Answer Keys for Educators Test December 2014

Get all answer keys of educators test conducted by NTS. The answer keys will be issued daily from 26th to 30th December 2014. This is Phase I of recruitment for educators jobs in Punjab. The total number of jobs for all posts from BPS9 to BPS 16 are more than 18 thousand.

The number of candidates per post are about 30 so the competition is high. The candidates will have to compete at two steps, first at NTS test and then at the merit formed using their academics and NTS test marks in an already announced percentage.

The answer keys will be announced gradually and the updates will be done accordingly. Following are the tests and links have been given for their answer keys.

  • Elementary School Educator (BPS-9) Answer Keys
  • Elementary School Educator (Science-Math) BPS-9
  • Senior Elementary School Educator (English) (BPS-14)
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(M.A Urdu) (BPS-14)
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(Mathematics) (BPS-14)
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(Science) (BPS-14)
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(Arabic) (BPS-14)
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(Computer Science) (BPS-14)
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(PET) (BPS-14) Answer Keys
  • Senior Elementary School Educator(DM) (BPS-14)
  • Secondary School Educator (M.A Urdu) (BPS-16)
  • Secondary School Educator (English) (BPS-16)
  • Secondary School Educator (Mathematics) (BPS-16)
  • Secondary School Educator (Physics) (BPS-16)
  • Secondary School Educator (Biology) (BPS-16)
  • Secondary School Educator (Chemistry) (BPS-16)
  • Secondary School Educator (Computer Science) (BPS-16)

Answer Keys (NTS Website)

Candidates can easily generate their marks obtained in the test. Count 1 mark for every crrect answer they have and zero for incorrect answer. Answer keys are issued so that candidates have a carbon copy and can get the result before it is officially announced by National Testing Service (NTS).



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