Abdul Qadeer a Brilliant Student of Pakistan

Abdul Qadeer a boy who’s video got viral on social media which was about 2 years ago. Some Doctors visited Muzaffarabad for trip and asked some questions to this boy. The boy was so intelligent that he answered all questions quiet easily. After their trip they uploaded on Internet and after years it got a fame and explorer of almost every single person of Pakistan who use Internet.

abdul qadeer found

People of Pakistan demanded to find the boy as this boy can become doctor if provided with right atmosphere. Boy just studied up to 8th class as their parents did not afford higher education.

Now a social worker of Islamabad found that guy and took him to Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan) where he is enrolled in a high standard school to get quality education.

This happen because people of Pakistan wanted this boy to study more and forced every channel to telecast his video which was captured years ago.



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