Apple CEO to distribute all wealth

Tim Cook, CEO of world’s biggest revenue generating company, Apple, has announced to distribute all his wealth among various charities before his death. According to Fortune, a renowned business magazine, annual salary of Tim is approximately 100 Million Pakistani rupees, while he also owns $0.72 Billion worth of company shares. Whereas, total wealth of Tim consists of 6.65 Billion dollars.


CEO of Apple announced to distribute all his wealth among charity organizations once he has paid all the educational expenses of is nephew.  He further said that he wanted to become first drop of water. Tim also told that he has always been donating considerable amount for social welfare projects but now he wants to do it is a rather disciplined manner.

Apart from Tim Cook, many other wealthy businessmen, including Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffet, too announced to donate at least a portion of their wealth to charity.




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