Brides For Sale in Open Market at Roma

Romania is a Europe Union country and is 7th most populated country in the union. Once this country was the center of Roman Empire which holds the country of half of the world at peak times.

A TV Program showed that at Roma a city in Romania sale brides for money in open market like other things. Some bride prices are low but prices goes to thousands of dollars.

Bride ages were around 15-20 years as they prefer to marry earlier. In the video a bride was showed who’s price was around 20,000 dollars. So you can guess how much difficult for a poor to marry in this city. This is a unique thing and not seen any where else in the world. People get married in all over the world bit not like this as in Roma. We think it is due to poverty and people see their girls for money. In this case women’s are suppressed in this country.



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