Houthi rebels to enter in Saudia

Riyadh: Iran-backed Houthi rebels are trying to enter in Saudi Arabia, says spokesperson for Saudi and allies forces, Brig. General Ahmed Aseeri. While briefing about the situation in Yemen, Brig. general Ahmed Aseeri said that houthi rebels are marching towards Saudi border and they may try to enter in Saudia.


Therefore, Apache helicopters are used to bomb and to try to stop these rebels before they gather near Saudi border, says General Aseeri. He further said that Saudi army is also considering other attacking options.

The spokesperson said that they can’t allow rebels to enter and plan destruction of Saudia as well as he confirmed about a f-15 which fell down due to some technical problems but the pilot remained safe. On the other hand, in Adan city of Yemen, hundreds of people died due to attack in weapon depot.



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