Lives of Afghan People

Afghanistan is one of the wonderful area of the world to be visited before death but due to the continuous wars in that area people are living miserable lives. Before United States, Russia started war in that region and lost the battle. Now USA is trying to destroy the country on the name of War and terror.

There is no source of income now a days in Afghanistan and people are trying sell girls. Few days ago such a case was highlighted on news which showed the Smuggling of girls and how it was stopped by police.

We condemn the selling of any human being on the face of the earth and this should be stopped at any cost. If USA left the country alone might be it changed and people find some kind of jobs rather to sell girls.



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  1. saif says:

    I would like to intimate, they are selling their daughters not because of no source of income.
    The Phatan (Pukhtoon) people do same bussiness, they make happy when female child bless on them because they sell their teenage girl/daughter. Either the locality of Pakistani pushtoon or Afghan’s Pashtoon, they sell their girls for earning much & much money.
    there are various countriess they do not have any source to eat single bit but they do not sell their respect nd honour.
    shame shame shame

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