Passing Thread through needle to marry

Khanewal (Pakistan): A groom won the heart of his bride after he successfully passed a thread through the eye of a needle. According to media news, in a Chak 10/93, a village in the Khanewal district, in-laws of a groom named Alla Dita had put a strange condition of successfully passing a thread through the eye of a needle to agree on the marriage proposal.


Well it might look very bizarre condition but Alla Dita had very weak eyesight and his one engagement already broke because of this fact. He was engaged to his mother side cousin but later the engagement broke because of his very weak eyesight. Now Alla Dita wanted to marry his other cousin from his father side but the proposal was rejected on the basis of weak eyesight. Father of the proposed bride put this strange condition for Alla Dita to prove that his eyesight was normal and he actually did pass thread through the eye of needle.



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