10 marriages in 11 years by american woman

New York: Western people are known for their notorious love affairs and unsuccessful marriages. People in countries like United States would leave one marriage on small issues and go on to marry another person. No matter how common it might be, a 39 years old Liana Bernotas has amazed everyone, even the American people.


Liana is from New York and she has married 10 times in last 11 years. She has not only amazed the people but also broke several laws related to marriages in America. six out of her 10 marriages were in one single year. Relevant authorities caught her when she tried to register for her 10th marriage. Her first marriage was in 1999 with Muhammad Gibriel .Then she married Ahmed ul aam and then Habib ur Rehman. She married 6 more times in 2002. Until now she has taken 4 divorces and is still the legal wife of 6 men. American police has taken her into custody and is preparing case against her.



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