Affair with 17 girls at a time

Shanghai: All of us are aware of the stories of men flirting with more than one woman at a single time. But you’d be amazed to know that a Chinese man was successful in having a romantic relationship with 17 women at a single time. Not only this but he was able to keep it secret from other girls for a long period of time. At last his period of great luck ended and an incident exposed his secret.


According to Chinese media, the man who was flirting with 17 women at a single time ran into an accident. He was admitted in the hospital where hospital administration took help of his mobile to call his closed ones to inform about the accident. One by one, all the 17 girls reached hospital. When these girls met with each other and shared their love story, they realized that it was a fraud all along and not a real love. The ages of these women are in the range of 20 to 40.



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