Baraat came from Occupied Kashmir to Azad Kashmir

Muzaffarabad: It is said that love is free of boundaries and borders. But it is not an exaggeration as a 25 Years old Kashmiri groom has proved it in reality. Irfan Ahmed belongs to Auri Islamabad, a town at the border of Kashmir Valley and he has married 24 years old Esma Bashir who belonged to Chinari village of Azad Kashmir.


the distance between the both areas in merely 30 Kilometer but due to lack of traveling facilities at border area Irfan and his parents had to travel 1500 KM to reach Chinari. Both Irfan and Esma were happy at this occasion. Irfan told media that a huge number of people from occupied Kashmir want their children to marry their relatives from Azad Kashmir but it is very difficult because of very poor travel facilities.

At this occasion, both spouses also appealed to government of both sides to make cross-border traveling easy.



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