Drama Not for men

With this changing trends of Pakistani drama, it is perhaps better to call it “Drami” instead of “Drama”. This is true that most of dramas produced now a days are only made for women. Even the names of various dramas are women-centered, such as “Kash Mein Tere Beti Na Hoti”, “Maryam”, Malika Alyia”, “Kaneez”. “Business Road Ki Nilofar”, Adhoori Aurat” and so on.


The main plot of most dramas also revolve around women and very much the same story. Story of innocent girl, her cruel in-laws, conspiracies of her in-laws, conspiracies of other women against protagonist of drama etc. The protagonist and antagonist, both are women in dramas, now a days.

This is true that viewership of dramas is mostly confined to women but this is demoralizing trend for Pakistani drama industry. Efforts must be made to widen the scope of drama and also depict other issues of society.



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