Husband for sale

A new shop opened in city which was selling husbands. All young girls and women rushed towards the shop on first day. These were the instructions written in front of shop. “One girl can go inside only for once. There are 6 storeys in the building with each having different and better husbands than the previous one. Once a girl reaches the last storey and don’t like any husband she must leave the building”


A beautiful girl entered, it was written in the gate of first storey “This husband is very pious”. She moved to next where it was written “This husband is very pious and loves children”. She wasn’t inspired and moved further to third storey, “This husband is pious, loves children and is very beautiful”.

she thought for a moment but moved to fourth storey where board said “Pious, children loving, beautiful husband who also helps in house chores”. She was inspired but not satisfied and moved to 5th storey and found “pious, children loving, beautiful, co-operative and very romantic husband”. she was moved but still not completely satisfied and moved to the sixth and last storey. The board here said “you are the 3383th women to visit this floor. There is no husband at this storey, however you proved the point that women are never satisfied. Thanks for visiting our shop.”



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