Mother and son in Sindh assembly

Karachi: Provincial assembly of Sindh, South province of Pakistan, is very famous for its controversies and weird discussions. Same happened in the last session of Sindh assembly during the speech of woman Deputy speaker Sindh assembly, Shehla Raza.


During her speech, MPAs from the opposition were taunting and disturbing her and as part of her response she termed most of these MPAs as her son, nephews or younger boys. Real bizarre scenes were created when she termed leader of opposition, Shehryar Mehar as her son. In return to this title, Sheheryar used “mother” for Shehla and it created amusing scenes in the whole assembly hall.

Shehla Raza also criticized media during her speech and deemed its reporting unprofessional. She said that media only report fights and amusing incidents from assembly but never report productive discussion.



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