Nelum you are good. Give me number I’ll call: Altaf hussain

Karachi: Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain praised Samaa news achor Nelum in a live show and gave her a lot of regards.

During a live show, Altaf Hussain said to Nelum, “Nelum you are wonderful. you are beautiful. may Allah bless you ”


Nelum thanked Altaf Hussain on these prayers and asked if he would invite Imran Khan for lunch during PTI chielf’s Karachi visit. Altaf Hussain said that he’d be pleased to invite Imran Khan and prepare best food for him.

Furthermore, he said that Imran Khan is like a brother to him. He requested Khan to bring Reham in Karachi as Altaf had prepared a Jewelry set for her.

On question about contacting Imran Khan himself, Altaf asked Nelum to give contact number of Imran Khan to him and he would surely call.



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