No more Bahria for Malik Riaz

Rawalpindi: Malik Riaz might not be the richest guy in Pakistan but surely he is a big business tycoon as well as the most famous businessman of Pakistan. There were many cases against him and scandals due to which he became popular. Most people in Pakistan know that he is the founder and owner of “Bahira Town” housing scheme, but according to the result of latest court case, Malik Riaz has lost the right to use “Bahira” for his business.


According to details of the case, Malik Riaz had signed a partnership agreement with Bahria Foundation to use their name in exchange of partial profit. However in 2000, Bahria Foundation cancelled the agreement and asked Riaz to stop using their name. Since then, a case was pending in court whose decision came few days ago.

Legal adviser of Riaz told a private newspaper that they are planning to appeal against the decision.



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