Pakistanis think Politicians are responsible for their conditions

Most of the Pakistani people thinks that politicians, no matter from which party they belong, are responsible for the present condition. Currently, most of people are living under the poverty line or just near to it. The present government has also passed more than 100 days but there is no hope for the betterment.

Beautiful Hajj Wallpapers and Pictures

Get beautiful Hajj wallpapers and pictures of previous Hajj’s. These pictures are taken in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during Hajj. These Hajj Mubarak Pictures are considered most beautiful available on the internet. Those who are performing Hajj in 2013 are less in number as compared to the previous years, reports says. HAJJ PICTURES Hajj Mubarak to all those in advance!

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in a Sindhi Shirt

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is shown in a Sindhi Shirt and with a girl who is also wearing in the same T-Shirt. Bilawal is the chairman of PPP, a big political party of Pakistan.

Pictures: A New island near Gwadar Port

A new island was created on 24th September 2013 after an earthquake hit the coastal areas of Pakistan. View pictures of the island. People from nearby areas went to see the island and were astounded to seethe creation. AFP and Reuters have been very quick in reporting the pictures and information from that new island. The credit of the following pictures goes to AFP, Reuters and Express Tribune Pakistan. ...

Pictures: Blast in Peshawar Church

Peshawar (24th September, 2013): More than seventy people have been killed in the suicide blast happened in a church in Peshawar. It is said that two suicide bombers blasted in the church. Here are some of the pictures that have been published in the daily newspapers of Pakistan. These pictures depict how strong the blast was and the situation thereafter. It is thought that Talibans were not involved...

Pictures in Express Newspaper on 22nd September 2013

Lahore (September 22, 2013: Express newspaper highlighted the most important news of the previous day in its 22nd September 2013 edition. These are both from national and international sources. Express News is one of the most read news papers of Pakistan.

Pictures in Express Newspaper on 21st September 2013

Lahore (September 21, 2013): Here are some pictures from Express Newspaper which are published on 21st September 2013. These express the the best photo-journalism pieces.