Sunny Leon called to Hamid Mir and inquired about his health

Lahore: (April 27, 2014) Famous film star Sunny Leon called to Hamid Mir and inquires about his health. In these days hamid Meer attack became a burning issue for everyone not only in Pakistan but all over the world. From the world it is said to Pakistan that there should be freedom to every person and everyone can share their openion independently. Besides from the world Pakistan neighbor country...

Video: Zaka Ashraf about his removal from Cricket Board

Zaka Ashraf spoke about the latest advancement which led him to the removal from chairmanship of cricket board. There are few things of big scandal in cricket board. Nawaz Sharif is the patron of Pakistan Cricket Board. he issued a notification for the removal of Zaka Ashraf. There are allegations related to Islamabad Cricket Stadium in which money matter scandal might be the real thing behind this...

Veena Malik congrates General Raheef Shareef as COAS

Veena Malik has expressed her heartiest congratulations to the new Chief of the Army Staff of Pakista, General Raheef Shareef. Veena said that her whole family has wither served army or serving currently in it. She is expecting a bright future after General Raheel Shareef will start serving Pakistan Army on that top level. The stability of Pakistan will also be strengthened. Besides congratulating...

Mufti Muneeb left the show of Capital TV

Mufti Muneeb is a famous person and every one in Pakistan knows him. Yesterday in a program of Capital TV, Tayyaba Khanum argues with Mufti Muneeb and use foul language. We respect both but why she used such language with Mufti Muneeb as he is a renowned scholar of Islam. After the use of harsh words by a Islamic person Tayyaba Khanum, Mufti Sahib left the program to avoid any more use of bad words...

General Hameed Gul Advice to Farooq Sattar

General Hameed Gul said Farooq sattar and their party is infulenced by west. When Pervez Musharraf was in government MQM is a part of it. They are playing double game with people of Pakistan. They have to raise voices when Mushharf was giving Pakistani air bases to US. Watch Video:

Video: NASA released a video of the blasts on Sun

NASA has released a video of the Sun showing the huge blasts. The video is of unique importance and shows the research of NASA.

Newscaster Ayesha Bakhsh Left GEO News

Islamabad: According to authentic sources Ayesha Bakhsh a popular newscaster of GEO News has left the channel. She will soon join a new channel Bol TV. Ayesha Bakhsh is famous name and work for a lot of years as newscaster in GEO News. Sources said that Muhammad Junaid is also in process to leave GEO and enter into new channel which will indeed pays more. He would perhaps join Ayesha in the same channel...

Fastest human calculation ever

Watch the video to know how this man can square a five digit number so easily and speedily. He is really a mathematical magician.

Complete List of Nobel Prize Holders of 2013

This list is to provide all the names, details and to show you the reason why these people have got the Nobel Prize in 2013. When we talk about Pakistan, no one could get the Nobel Prize in 2013 from Pakistan. Malala Yusuf Zai was considered favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 but unfortunately she could not get that.

Story of an old man from Baloch tribe

Read this beautiful story of an old man who is basically a Baloch. Baloch people are the greatest asset of Pakistan. Read this story to know, how the people of Balcohistan live and act.

Cockroach farms multiplying in China as demand increases

Cockroach farms are increasing in China, as their use in cosmetics industry is rising day by day. Protein is obtained from cockroaches. According to Los Angele’s Times: Farmers are pinning their future on the often-dreaded insect, which when dried goes for as much as $20 a pound — for use in Asian medicine and in cosmetics. Cockroach farmer Wang Fuming, 43, says of the bugs there is “nothing...

Bilawal Exposed by his Class fellow at Oxford University

This video is from Aaj Tv which shows Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He is being exposed by his own class fellow there. Bilawal Bhutto, son of Benazir Bhutto (late) is currently enjoying chairmanship of Pakistan Peoples Party Pakistan. Bilawal remained a student of Oxford when he was studying there.