The Brave Girl of Pakistan suffering from strange disease

There are several doctors who play an important role towards the betterment of people suffering from diseases. An orthopedic doctor named Dr. Amir Aziz is one of them. A girl from Badin district, Tahira Abdullah is suffering from a disease which demands the removal of one of the bones and a handsome amount of money is required for this purpose. The brave girl is teaching the girls of Badin...

Answer to Question of National Love of Quaid-e-Azam

Ansar Abbasi said that i don’t know why Haqqani tried to make fun of Quaid-e-Azam in new book Magnificent Delusions. The loyalty of Hussain Haqqani was a grey area after MAMO gate but it seems that he wants revenge from our beloved Quaid. He had gone to America after promising SC court that he will come to court when every the call. Supreme court has called Hussain Haqqani several time but he...

USA wants to attack Pakistan

Hammad Qazi government will flop after US troops went from Afghanistan. Taliban will regain hold on Afghanistan as United States and other NATO countries left Afghanistan. We all know thet Hammad Qazi is governing on the name of United States. So, every one knows what will happen when all countries of NATO left. Mulla Umar has asked all people to stay away from Hammad Qazi and not participate in any...

Rawalpindi Hangama by Talat Hussain

Rawalpindi witnessed a serious “war” like environment in Raja Bazar and its adjoining area where one mosque and several shops were burnt. Read the views of Talat Hussain. Pindi Hangama – Talat Hussai

Shaheedon ki Sarzameen

These days, the word “Shaheed” has been used too much in talk shows, by military and politicians. What does the actual word “Shaheed” means in Pakistan. In Pakistan, this word has been used for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed, Akbar Bugti Shaheed, Osama Bin Laden Shaheed and now for Hakeem Ullah Mehsud by some political persons.

Malala k Bhai ka Sawal By Hamid Mir

This column is by Hamid Mir, a columnist. Hamid Mir writes about Malala Yusuf Zai, who was shot by Talibans few months back. Malala Yusuf Zai wrote a book and received a number of awards from national and international agencies.  

Present Condition of Pakistan

Pakistan is facing numerous problems these days. There are security threats to economic probelms that the country faces these days. Pakistanis should stand together against the terrorism with one voice and that is the only solution if we want to prosper in future.  

Face the FaceBook by Ammar Ch

Ammar Ch has written a column on the disadvantages of Facebook. Recently we have seen an incident in which a boy of 10th class received a girl friend request and he accepted it. After this, they both chat till late night and after this they have exchanged their mobile numbers. Now calls are started and they fell they are created for each other. One day the girl invited the boy to her house and kidnapped...

Dulhan Doctor Honi Chaheay by Rafique Mangat

Read this critical column about the parents who demand their son’s wife as doctor. This is a funny cum serious Urdu column about marriages.

Abdul Qadir Hassan “Ham aur Apna America” 24 October 2013

Read Abdul Qadir Hassan’s today’s Urdu column published in Daily Express News. “Ham aur Apna America” 24 October 2013.

Churri Kanta by Javed Chaudhry 24th October 2013

Read coulm Zero Point by Javed Chaudhry on Express news. Today, he wrote with the title Churri Kanta in Daily Express News on 24th October 2013. Churri Kanta – Javed Chaudhry – 24th October 2013

Is there any Guarantee that Talibans will be honest?

This is a beautiful writing on the topic of Talibans and governments plan to have talks with them. This column is written by Mehwish Ali and all must read this.