Ex Spokesperson of TTP Ehsnaullah Ehsan is fan of CJ

Peshawar: Ex Spokesperson Ehsnaullah Ehsan said in an interview that there is no chance for peace dialogue after the death of Hakeem Ullah Masood. We will get revenge for the dead of our brotherĀ Hakeem Ullah Masood. In an interview from unknown place he said Pakistani government is United States slave. Drone attack on Hakeem Ullah Masood is taken mutually by America and Pakistan. He said,...

“Khud Kafalat Scheme” by Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Interest Free Loans will be provided to the people of KPK. There will be no interest. Maximum time for return will be three years. Bank will take no interest on the credit amount. This is a better step towards empowerment of public. Age Limit: 18-50 years Authority: Bank of Khyber will provide loan and is the issuing authority. The amount given will be from 50,000 to 200,000. The bank has the authority...

JI declared ineligible to contest elections in Bangladesh

Jamat-e-Islami has been declared ineligible to contest in the elections to be held in Bangladesh. The current government in Bangladesh is against the JI. Jamat e Islami has been facing the political pressure from current government. High court has declared the registration of JI as unlawful.

House Loans on 8% per annum: Canibet

Islamabad: Federal cabinet has approved the low cost housing scheme, under which loans will be given from 1.5 to 5 million PKR on 8% annual interest. Nawaz Sharif will soon inform the nation about this scheme. This scheme was started after the World Bank submitted its report that Pakistanis are facing shortage of houses. There are at least 9 million houses required to fulfill this task. Nawaz Sharif...

Farooq Sattar being criticized over social media

Farooq Sattar, senior member of MQM, today spoke in National Assembly and did not care for he call for prayer. He wanted to continue his speech What happened in the National Assembly hall, is available here in the form of text. Farooq Sattar wanted to continue his speech with out having any respect towards the call for prayer. Farooq Sattar should not have done like this as he is now criticized too...

Diwali Celebrations Pictures from India 2013

Indians (Hindus) are celebrating Diwali these days. Here are the best pictures of preparations and celebration of Diwali in India. People living in every city of India no matter it is Hyderabad or Mumbai, the celebrations are going on. Buildings have been lighten up. Diwali 2013 Pictures Indians are being gifted by the release of Krrish3 on this Diwali. This movie is said to be having a strong business...

Turkey: Female Legislators can now use skarf

Turkey: Female Legislators can now use skarf after a long period of time. Now, the females are free to wear skarf and come to the sessions. Four Turkish parliamentarians females came to attend the session wearing skarf after 14 years. Turkey is a secular county but allows every one’s freedom to do.

Pakistan stands at 132nd in International Growth Rate

Pakistan stands at 132nd in International Growth Rate survey conducted by an International Organization. Pakistan is currently facing political instability as the government in fedearl is not part of the governments in the provincial assemblies.

Akshaye Khanna invested 5 million to double his money

Akshaye Khanna filed a report to Police that a couple has done fraud with him. Akshaye Khanna said that he gave 5 million rupees to double them in 45 days to Andheri couple. Akshaye is an Bollywood star who resides inĀ Mumbai, India. Akshaye Khanna, a Bollywood star, has been working in the film industry for several years. He was trying to get more money utilizing the money he had but failed. Police...

Thar Coal Projects needs special policy for the inhabitants

The inhabitants of villagers that have came in the land needed for mining Thar Coal Project have rejected the migration Policy drafted by Govt. of Pakistan. Thar coal project cover about 9 thousand square kilometer area. The inhabitants demand a special policy for them to migrate. Most of the people residing in that area depends on livestock rearing. Govt. of Sindh, Pakistan should draft such policy...

Drone attacks are done after the approval of Pakistan

Washington: Member of American Congress, Allen said that it is not possible to attack with drones in Pakistan without the consent of Pakistani Authorities. He said that Pakistanis are able to defend their nation and it is not possible for any other country to make a drone attack in Pakistan with ut approval or facilities provided by the host county.

Dulhan Doctor Honi Chaheay by Rafique Mangat

Read this critical column about the parents who demand their son’s wife as doctor. This is a funny cum serious Urdu column about marriages.