Doctor and Flatterer by Hassan Nisar

Hassan Nisar has written a column about Dr. Nawaz Sharif and GCU Vice Chancellor. Hassan Nisar writes with the column name “Choraha”. This article was published on 19th January 2014. Hassan Nisar claims that Nawaz Sharif must not have been been awarded with the doctorate degree. He is not capable to do anything. Doctor and Flatterer

Public opinion on the appointment of new COAS

There have been speculations in the social media and public that those COAS’s who have mustache planned Marshal law in Pakistan, The new COAS is also having mustache and might possible he will follow the history. This amazing news came on social media that all the Army personal who imposed Marshal law in Pakistan were having mustache and General Raheel is also having mustache . This does not...

Orya Maqbool’s Latest Column on Pervez Musharraf

Orya Maqbool is a great Urdu columnist. He is writing about the situation that took Pervez Musharrf to rule this nation and the present condition of his logic’s on the actions that he took. During 2007, the attack on Red Mosque located in Islamabad was on the orders of senior authorities that link directly to the ex-President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. Now, he is saying in courts that he...

Orya Maqbool about English Medium Educational System

Orya Maqbool Jan, a senior author and columnist, has written about the educational system that is purely based on the English curriculum and what has been provided through this system. All the private schools operating in Pakistan are teaching in English, Oxford, Cambridge based systems. Besides private schools, Govt. schools have also adopted the English curriculum from the few years and government...

The Brave Girl of Pakistan suffering from strange disease

There are several doctors who play an important role towards the betterment of people suffering from diseases. An orthopedic doctor named Dr. Amir Aziz is one of them. A girl from Badin district, Tahira Abdullah is suffering from a disease which demands the removal of one of the bones and a handsome amount of money is required for this purpose. The brave girl is teaching the girls of Badin district...

Rawalpindi Hangama by Talat Hussain

Rawalpindi witnessed a serious “war” like environment in Raja Bazar and its adjoining area where one mosque and several shops were burnt. Read the views of Talat Hussain. Pindi Hangama – Talat Hussai

Malala k Bhai ka Sawal By Hamid Mir

This column is by Hamid Mir, a columnist. Hamid Mir writes about Malala Yusuf Zai, who was shot by Talibans few months back. Malala Yusuf Zai wrote a book and received a number of awards from national and international agencies.  

“Pakistani Cricket Team” in Tihar Jail

You will be amazed to read this story about Pakistani Cricket Team and in Tihar Jail. This column has been published in Express News (Urdu).

Is there any Guarantee that Talibans will be honest?

This is a beautiful writing on the topic of Talibans and governments plan to have talks with them. This column is written by Mehwish Ali and all must read this.