How Pakistani Pilots are trained?

Watch the video how Pakistani pilots are trained. These pilots are the best and well trained when they are compared with other pilots in the world. These pilots are trained in Risalpur Air force academy. This video is produced by Aaj Tv which is an entertainment cum news channel. Wajahat Saeed Khan is the host of this programme. he presented this episode from Risalpur Air Force Academy....

Waqar Zaka inquiring a girl about her religion

Waqar Zaka in a audition asked a girl about her religion. Watch the video of the girl answering. Wakar Zaka hosts a reality show which is aired on ARY channel. You might be amazed to watch the answer of the girl. This si the condition of the Pakistanis living in an Islamic State.

Sahir Lodhi walked on fire

It has been amazing for the viewers when Sahir Lodhi walked on the fire. It was held in his morning show and people consider this things as to get rating. No matter, if it was the thing to get high rating for his show, one might get confused to walk over the burning coals.   Sahir Lodhi has been the hot favorite morning show host in Pakistan. He has also been working on radio channels. People...

The biggest Scandal of fake Peers exposed

Islamabad: Hasb e Haal team exposed the reality of fake peers and persons who are taking the prime time on TV’s and showing them as they are the real peers. They exposed those fake persons who are acting on morning shows and making the public fool. They did a great job to educate the people of Pakistan that dont make their EMAAN too easy to be fooled. جنوں کی حاضری ، حقیقت یا...

KSA Hotel will fine if you waste food

A hotel in Saudi Arabia fines the customers if they leave food. The hotel manager says that it will help to eliminate hunger. This thing can bring change in the lives of those who are not even capable of having 2 times food in a day. Somalian and other African countries have been facing shortage of food and water for many years. Famine breaks after few years and UN is trying to help out the people...

Why Quaid slapped his security guard?

Quaid e Azam slapped his personnel security guard.  This is an interesting video of Quaid-e-Aam and you will love to watch video of Muhammad Ali Sahib.Many people have not heard this before, so let it spread to every one to watch this superb video. Watch the video and get the reason.

Funny Road Safety Speech by a girl

Lahore: A girl speaks about road safety in a funny style. She speaks about what persons do and what they should do while on road. Speeches are made to make the public aware of the things. 

Taliban attacked US base destroying vehicles

Taliban attached a US base near Pakistan border few days back and destroyed vehicles there. Aljazeera reports about the attak of Taliban on US base. It is reported that bombs were planted in the vehicles. US forces were the target set in this attack. It is also said that there were three attackers and all of them were killed. Taliban have been showing tough time to US army.

More than thousand children died of chemical war in Syria

Syria: Recent videos and reports from Syria shows that these children died of chemical weapon attack. These videos are very disgusting. The world has not yet taken notice of these killings. There has been war going on for the last few months. More than 2 thousand people are reported to be killed in the last week. Syrian Army has been alleged for this killing. But this time, these killings are not by...

Gift of Allah Almighty for Pakistanis

You will be amazed to see petrol extracted from near to the surface of earth in Pakistan. Crude Oil is being used by people and can be used on a larger scale if Govt. of Pakistan supports the people.